Chic a Choc‘ offers premium packaging solutions for diverse food and bakery products. Our wide range of packaging boxes have been designed and carved with utmost care using high-quality food grade paper board, that would keep the taste, aroma and placement of all your delicious preparations intact. All packaging boxes come with a superior, elegant touch and have been artistically designed by none other than Ms Ramni Ralhan, a renowned expert in the field of cooking.

Well, presentation and packaging matter the most in the food industry. Therefore, we at Chic a Choc are here to offer you the most exclusive, desirable packaging that would enable your cakes and bakes to graciously stand out. We are committed to creating unique, personalized experiences for all our customers, and thus, we take an extra leap to customize our boxes to suit the varied needs of all. All our products have been aptly designed for use by individuals, bakeries and other food departments.

Our deep passion for food products combined with a specialized knowledge in the field of packaging and an extensive experience in dealing with paper and paper-related products makes us offer you the best!

Yes, we care for our environment and therefore, all our products have been thoroughly tested and validated for eco-friendliness.

So, keep baking in style, and we will continue to pack in style!

How to pronounce Chic a Choc?

Chic a Choc: (sheek-a-choc)